04 julho 2019


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Hello my loves today I bring a wonderful novelty for you, thinking always is clear in the practicality, good taste and that price to leave anyone happy of life.

Today I come to talk about the LUVYLE virtual store, our girl one piece more beautiful than the other you will fall in love with me, there you have varieties for your style, outside the site is wonderful and very easy to understand, everything to simplify your life.

I have prepared some models for you to be curious about everything, it has brought an option for colder places and options for hotter places.
A variety of models colors and styles, take a look at what has there, this model of the photo below is stripped and clear very sophisticated, the price is to stop the traffic check out more by clicking on the photo.
If where you live is cold will love the options that have there, after all is cold but we can not lose the style.
Plus there are women like me who love that more casual and casual style, and there in Luyvle there are also options for us.

The model I chose brings lightness and a lot of sophistication, I chose a light color that is perfect for going to the movies or even that lunch with friends, for more information just click on the photo.
Tell me what you think of this tip I brought you, enter the store and tell me what they found I really want this feedback from you.

I really want to know your style, is it? What clothes that do not leave your body, I love strong colors, that look very casual.

You can follow the store by fanpage Click Here and check it out.
Kisses and until next time.

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