19 novembro 2020


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 Hi my followers, today I came to share a wonderful store, we still haven’t returned to the well-known “normal”, but little by little we are improving, and the online store that is full of prices and of course with beautiful pieces.

About the store

Feelingirls is a store aimed at the female audience that in addition to bringing beautiful and comfortable pieces, also has options to further enhance its beauty, and brings in its products benefits that help your health, so come look beautiful and healthy with Feelingirls

The first piece I separated for you is Waist and thigh trainer, besides being beautiful it has many benefits, that's right, if you love to work out or even that morning walk, the Waist trainer is thigh, it is the best option, check out the Benefits Features:

> Reduces the appearance of cellulite

> Trims appearance of thighs

> Helps shed excess water weight

> Keeps muscles warm

> Great for working out

> Tone your thighs while losing inches

> Butt Lifts

> Three fasten Velcro straps and a waist belt

> Adjust straps for snug fit

> Very comfortable for bed time or just lounging around the house

> Spot train your thighs

> Machine wash and lay flat to dry

> Waist strap fits up to 0-48 waist as strap adjusts

(information taken from the website)

As you can see, besides being comfortable, it is pure style, out of the sizes it reaches up to plus size, look how much, end of the year coming, we will be beautiful and healthy for 2021

The second option is Shapewear Bobysuit, it is for women who want to enhance the body by removing that bulge in the belly, I myself suffer from it, besides being comfortable, and of course it makes it too sexy, see some benefits of Boby Shapewear.
1. Detachable handles are easy to remove;
2. Two plastic bones can prevent curling;
3. The crotch zipper is convenient for using the bathroom;
4. Dropping the glue prevents the edge from rolling too much;
5. Three layers of abdomen design will strengthen belly control.
(information taken from the website)

Only girls that I found sexy, I loved the lace details, besides giving that disguise and highlighting our curves is all good.

Now the last tip of this post you will love, Feelingirls is in full FeelinGirl black Friday deals 2020, that’s right take advantage of the Black Friday offers, which are unmissable, faster than time is running out ladies.

Now tell me here in the comments what you thought of the tip and what was your favorite at Feelingirls.
Kisses and see you soon . 

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  1. Esse site é super legal né!
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  2. What a cool thing, because even thin people often have a small tummy. I have here is, although I like enough svelte.